Brady R6000HF Construction Change

Zele, August 2016

Subject: Construction change of Brady R6000HF Black Ribbons

Dear Brady Customer,
Brady is continuously working with our suppliers to improve the quality of our materials, to reduce their ecological footprint and to be compliant with standards, laws & regulations worldwide. As part of this effort, we will be making an update to the construction of all Brady R6000HF Black Ribbons. As a result of
this change, you may notice a slight odor upon opening the ribbon packaging.

Brady’s R6000HF Black Ribbon is the most popular ribbon chosen by customers and is used in a wide range of printers. Its proven quality delivers superior performance, density and durability on different applications. The new black ribbons are rigorously tested to ensure you will enjoy the same superior
performance as our current R6000HF black ribbons. They will remain UL/CSA approved and stay compliant with other certifications.

All ribbons for BBP11/12, IP, BP-PR Plus, BSP61, BBP72 & Wraptor will be updated. Based on historical usage, we expect this transition to occur end of 2016. New article numbers for the R6000HF Black Ribbons will be created, samples and Technical Data Sheet are available upon request.

We are committed to a successful transition, while providing you the best possible products. Should you have any further questions, please contact your supplier of Brady materials.

Thank you for your understanding and continued support of Brady.

Product Marketing Manager – Product ID
Brady EMEA

For more information contact GSH Identification Solutions