GSH Identification Solutions reseller van GRAVOTECH.COM

GSH Identification Solutions is nu officieel reseller van Gravotech.

The Gravotech group is the worldwide leader in the design, manufacture and distribution of innovative solutions for engraving, marking and artistic modelling.
Gravotech has over 900 employees in over 100 countries.
The group boasts a vast international network: 28 subsidiaries and 300 distributors work alongside its 60,000 international customers, assisting them with their local or global issues.
An international presence and innovation are the company’s anchor points. It devotes 5% of turnover to investment in Research & Development. This reinvestment strategy means Gravotech is able to offer complete solutions, covering the needs and activities of every customer in a tailored and unique way.
Its offer is built around four brands: Type3, Propen, Technifor and Gravograph. These brands cover four key technologies (laser, mechanical engraving, scribing and micropercussion) supplemented by a wide range of consumables and
software solutions.
Gravotech places the quality of its solutions at the very centre of its organisation. The group has been awarded ISO 9001 certification by recognised and accredited bodies. This standard signals that this global supplier can offer customers solutions that are tailored to their needs at the very highest levels of service and quality.
Creating permanent marking, engraving and 3D design software solutions that
are both innovative and user-friendly, to support the activities of our customers
across the globe.

Leading designer of 3D software, Type3 has been developing world-class CAD/CAM, 3D design and modelling solutions for artistic and industrial
applications for over 20 years.
Created in 1988, the Type3 brand joined the Gravotech group in 2007. Initially intended to make industrial parts via engraving, cutting and texture, Type3 solutions have evolved over time to include 3D design and modelling.
Type3 offers 4 separate yet complementary software solutions for specific uses: piloting numerically controlled and laser machines, artistic 3D design
of objects primarily intended for 3D printing and an additional solution exclusively dedicated to the CATIA™ software.
Its cutting-edge software solutions are favoured by watchmaking and jewellery professionals, and the luxury goods industry in general. For engravers, signwriters and mould makers it also constitutes a means of modernising
and optimising profit on their production processes whilst increasing efficiency and maintaining the quality and artistic dimension of their work.
Propen is the Gravotech group’s distributor brand, dedicated to its indirect sales network. Propen provides traceability solutions for a broad range of applications on a variety of materials such as metals,plastics and wood. The brand has developed a number of accessories to complement its marking equipment:
air filters, quick chargers and batteries in addition to magnetic clamps and bar code readers. The Retail branch of Propen also offer personalisation solutions for specialist local stores and mass retailers: jewellery and leatherware, mobile telephony and computer equipment, the restaurant and hotel sector.
For over 15 years, the Propen technical teams have been installing and aintaining its marking equipment and dedicated accessories throughout the world.

The leader in the permanent marking industry and inventor of micropercussion, Technifor has become a major player in laser marking and machining.
Created in 1981, Technifor is the world’s number 1 manufacturer of micropercussion permanent marking machines for the automatic identification and traceability of metal or plastic parts. With more than 40,000 machines installed worldwide and over 30 years’ experience in the design of industrial
traceability systems, Technifor offers its customers complete solutions incorporating marking and the associated automatic camera verification.
The brand offers marking solutions using laser, micropercussion or scribing technologies. Within an applications laboratory, its experts validate the most
suitable technologies for the specific needs of its clientele. Intuitive and easily integrated, this equipment meets global industrial standards.
In the light of production cycle requirements, a team of qualified engineers assists industry players with tasks such as integrating marking heads or developing bespoke mechanical and IT solutions. Gravograph has been the global reference in the mechanical and laser engraving industry for over 75 years.
An international leader and pioneer, Gravograph offers unique turnkey solutions to its customers, for business, insitutional or industrial applications.
Gravograph develops mechanical and laser engraving machines adapted to meet every need, together with a wide range of dedicated software and accessories. The brand also has a catalogue incorporating thousands of materials and objects for engraving or for personalisation and for indoor or outdoor use (metals, plastics, laminates). Close to its customers and responsive to their individual
problems, Gravograph supports their businesses by offering training and permanent technical support, right across the globe.

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